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Choose from the best selection of fantasy art and science-fiction and fantasy film screensavers online

Fantasy screensavers

Fantasy Screensavers brings you some of the best free fantasy and science-fiction screensavers you can find on the internet. Anyone who has an interest in fantasy art and sci-fi illustration will also be pleased to know that is a very useful resource for finding the leading sci-fi and fantasy artists online, with links to their website, and more examples of their fantastic artwork.


Abstract art
3d digital, fractal, geometric, psychedelic

Fantasy art
Angels, dragons, fairies, heroes, heroines, wizards, ogres

Fantasy artists
Boris Vallejo, Dorian Cleavenger, Luis Royo, Todd Lockwood

Mythological art
Gods and godesses, mythological creatures, unicorns

Otherworld art
Angels and demons, ghosts and apparitions

Science fiction art
Aliens, Alien worlds, futuristic cities, robots, spaceships

Fantasy art

Top screensavers

Dragon screensavers
Fabulous collection of artistic screensavers featuring various pictures of dragons and fantasy artwork

Boris Vallejo artwork
Amazing images created by top fantasy artist Boris Vallejo appear in this slideshow screensaver

Harry Potter ‘Chamber of Secrets’
Fantasy screensaver with images and clips from the popular Harry Potter movie - free download

The Thousand Orcs
This screensaver features artwork based on the first title of the Hunter’s Blade trilogy of books

Dreams of Atlantis
Beutiful artistic screensaver featuring a sleeping mermaid underwater accompanied by water and sound fx

Rainforest fairies
Delightful images of winged sprites and lush scenes of rainforest ferns, orchids, birds and animals

Fantasy screensavers

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Fantasy art posters

Fantasy art books

Fantasy artists


Aliens & Ufo’s

Angel screensavers

Dragon screensavers

Fairies & hobgoblins

Heroes & Heroines

Mermaid screensavers


Wizards & ogres


Sci-fi screensavers

Interested in becoming
a fantasy artist?


Top 10 Screensavers


      Immerse your senses in the world of fantasy art with stunning images from the world's best fantasy artists including Luis Royo, Stephen Martinaire, Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Rodney Mathews, Larry Elmore, Jean Pierre Targete, John Howe, Michael Whelan, Keith Parkinson, Chris Achilleos, Moebius, Frank Miller, Todd McFarlane, Jim Burns, Syd Mead, Roger Dean, Patrick Woodroffe, Tim White, Chris Moore, Roger Corben, Geoff Darrow, H.R Giger, Bill Sienkiewicz and many more

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